THE INTERVIEW Is Available to Rent on YouTube, Google Play, and Xbox for $5.99 Starting Today [Updated]

     December 24, 2014


The number of theaters now willing to show The Interview on Christmas Day is now reportedly over 300, but that’s still a fraction of the initial release that Sony Pictures was planning for the action comedy.  Ever since Sony initially pulled the film, reports have been swirling that the studio is considering a possible VOD release. When the limited theatrical release was first announced, we also learned that Sony had asked the theaters willing to show the film (mostly independents) if they would be fine with Sony also releasing the film on demand at the same time.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, and now word comes that the studio is in talks to make The Interview available to rent on YouTube.  More after the jump.

[Update: And now Sony Pictures has confirmed that The Interview will be available to rent starting today at 10am PT/1pm ET on YouTube Movies, Google Play, and Microsoft’s Xbox Video.  Hit the jump for more details and to watch the movie!]

Update: In what will be the highest profile VOD release in history, THR reports that Sony Pictures is making The Interview available to rent or own starting today on YouTube, Google Play, Xbox, and its own dedicated website  You can rent the film for $5.99 or purchase it in HD for $15.99.  Additionally, Variety reports that Sony is in talks to get The Interview up on Netflix within the next few days.  Thus (hopefully) ends this insane saga.  Our original story follows below, followed by an embed of the film itself!

seth-rogen-the-interview-movie-imageThe reason all of this information is coming fast and loose is that Sony has been scrambling to figure out what to do with The Interview since the fallout from the North Korean threats.  They’ve been mulling over a number of options in the ensuing days, but CNN now reports that YouTube has tentatively agreed to allow users to rent The Interview.

This is a smart move by Sony as it’s a way for them to recoup the production costs of a film that was intended to do big business at the box office.  When the five largest theater chains in the country opted not to show the film, they went ahead and scheduled programming for the big Christmas holiday weekend.  Even if they were willing to show The Interview now that Sony has reversed it’s decision, they’ve already sold tickets to their scheduled showings so there’s no place for them to put it.

Watch the movie right now below!


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