‘The Iron Giant’ Signature Edition Poster, Jeff Granito Art On Sale Tomorrow

     October 1, 2015


Few American non-Pixar animated films have enjoyed the kind of well-warranted cult status that The Iron Giant has. The first major work by longtime The Simpsons producer Brad Bird, The Iron Giant blended an imaginative narrative, involving a young boy, Hogarth (Eli Marienthal), and the titular skyscraper-sized robot, voiced by Vin Diesel of all people, with a thoughtful consideration of American isolationism and industrialization. That being said, the subtext and intelligence of the film were nothing compared with the tremendous emotional impact that the relationship between the young boy and the Iron Giant ended with, rightly garnering praise similar to that of top-shelf Steven Spielberg. For many film lovers, this writer included, the film remains the best animated American film to be released in the 1990s, beating out stiff competition from Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, and Toy Story 2, among a select handful of other masterworks of color, design, and motion.


Image via Warner Bros.

So, it’s not surprising that the film’s Signature Edition has garnered a theatrical re-release of the film, which people could check out at select theaters on October 4th; there were also screenings last night as well. In conjunction with this limited re-release, Dark Hall Mansion is partnering with Warner Bros., the film’s original distributor, to release the poster for the Signature Edition for sale. For those who haven’t seen it as of yet, the poster art is stunning, an exceptional take on the Iron Giant’s lift off into the heavens. On top of this, however, the two companies are releasing three variations of a special edition poster for the film, all three of which were designed by Jeff Granito. Each one of the Granito posters is frankly exquisite, and few films have inspired such gorgeous artwork from an already pristine work of art.

All four pieces will be available for purchase tomorrow, Oct. 2nd, at 9:30 a.m. PST. You can go here to buy them. For more on the posters and Dark Hall Mansion head over to their Facebook page.


You can check out the Signature Edition poster for The Iron Giant, as well as all Granito posters, below:


Standard Poster Image via Jeff Granito


Metal Poster Image via Jeff Granito


Variant Poster Image via Jeff Granito


Signature Edition Image via Warner Bros.

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