AMC Cancels THE KILLING After Two Seasons

     July 27, 2012


After finally revealing “who killed Rosie Larsen” in the second season finale this past May, AMC has cancelled to the hourlong drama series The Killing per TV Line.  The show got off to a great, moody start in season one by surrounding a procedural case with genuinely interesting and flawed characters, but too many red herrings, Twin Peaks ripoffs, and extremely iffy plotting tainted the rest of the show.  Moreover, many fans were left screaming at their televisions when the central question raised in all the marketing preceding the pilot—“Who killed Rosie Larsen?”—was left unanswered in the season one finale.

I watched all 26 episodes of the series, and what kept my interest were the truly terrific performances from the show’s two leads: Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman.  The actors have rightly nabbed some high profile roles since the show premiered, with Enos starring alongside Brad Pitt in World War Z and Kinnaman landing the lead in the RoboCop remake.  Vulture reports that Fox Television, the studio that produces The Killing, is apparently now shopping the show around to other networks.  Good luck with that…