‘The Knick’ Season 2 Character Posters Tease “Humanity Is Hard to Cure”

     September 14, 2015


For most series, character posters are sort of a moot point. Unless they’re new additions or have undergone a drastic transformation, we already know what they look like. But, for a show has visually sumptuous as Cinemax’s The Knick, even the character posters are like little jewels. Plus, these might contain a few clues about Season 2 and where their characters are headed. Or not!

First of all, our dear Thack (Clive Owen) is looking a bit rough. But hey, that’s what happens when you’re an addict. The most striking photo may be of Sister Harriet (Cara Seymour) and Cleary (Chris Sullivan), not only because of their embrace, but where is her habit?! Bertie (Michael Angarano) looks as hesitant as ever, Algernon (Andre Holland) appears dapper and confident, and Barrow (Jeremy Bobb) is smiling, though I’m not sure he has much reason to. Everett Gallinger (Eric Johnson) got a raw deal here, looking sinister and not at all handsome like usual, although, him not keeping proper hygiene did lead to his baby dying, and he did have all of his wife’s teeth pulled out (but it was the early 20th century! Nobody knew anything! … Apparently!)

The bottom line is that I cannot wait for this gorgeous, haunting series to return (with Steven Soderbergh again directing), and these are little morsels to keep us satiated in the meanwhile. The Knick Season 2 premieres Friday, October 16th at 10 p.m. on Cinemax. And if you missed the latest Season 2 trailer where a man gets lit on fire, you can check it out here.

the-knick-season-2-poster-bertie-michael-angarano the-knick-season-2-poster-lucy-eve-hewson the-knick-season-2-poster-thackery-clive-owen



the-knick-season-2-poster-algernon-andre-holland the-knick-season-2-poster-gallinger