Steven Soderbergh Talks Returning for ‘The Knick’ Season 3, Auteur Television

     July 14, 2016


For dedicated auterists, the early retirement of the brilliant Steven Soderbergh was a living nightmare, although it seemed pretty clear from the beginning that this would inevitably end at some point. As it turns out, it only took a few years for Soderbergh to return to the fold, with two projects currently on the burner, including an untitled project about the Panama Papers and the Nascar-centric heist film Logan Lucky. And mind you, following his last theatrically released film, Side Effects, Soderbergh also put out Behind the Candelabra, his superb take on Liberace, and began directing episodes of The Knick, arguably the best drama series to hit the small screen since Mad Men and Breaking Bad premiered.


Image via HBO

There was some talk that Soderbergh, with his once-again busy schedule, would not necessarily be directing the third season of The Knick, but he has since said that it will likely be his last season as director for the series. During a long discussion about his career and the future of TV at NYC’s beloved Nitehawk, which The Playlist attended, Soderbergh said that he wants to do the third season and that he’s just waiting for the project to come together at HBO/Cinemax. The filmmaker also talked about what he hopes is a new age of auteur-driven TV, similar to The Knick and The Girlfriend Experience, which he produces and is adapted from his own, quite excellent movie of the same name. You can check out his quotes on both topics below.

Here’s what the filmmaker had to say about The Knick and moving onto Season 3:

“It just became a space that was really fun to play in, because everybody was excited. Again, the economics are better. Three million people watch an episode of ‘The Knick,’ that’s a very good evening for cinemas. If three million people go see your a movie, depending on what your movie is, it’s not such a great weekend…We had a six year plan when we started ‘The Knick,’ and supposedly we’re going to pick up next fall [with] season three. We had it all mapped out. Every two years we kind of blow up the universe and start over again. I want to do it, so hopefully it’s going to get done.”