Steven Soderbergh Wants Another Filmmaker to Take Over ‘The Knick’ for Season 3

     December 22, 2015


SPOILER WARNING: If you aren’t caught up with The Knick’s Season 2 finale, get out of here. I mean it! Get gone! Come back when you’re all done.

So if you watched The Knick’s finale, as I assume you have, then you’re probably dealing with the complete emotional devastation. The Knick wrapped up its second season, and likely this chapter of the hospital’s 1901 story, in a bleak and nihilistic fashion. Cornelia (Juliet Rylance) was so distraught over her brother’s evil doings that she fled to Australia, Everett (Eric Johnson) is going on a eugenics world tour after blinding Algernon (Andre Holland), who seems to be turning to psychiatry. And a super coked-up Thackery (Clive Owen) went out like a ball of fire, his own intestines in hand in the operating theater, so utterly crushed by the accidental death of his love Abigail (Jennifer Ferrin) that he declared everything meaningless as he slipped into the void with a smile on his face.