Exclusive: Listen to Two Songs from THE LAST BEAT, an Indie Drama Loosely Based on the Last Days of Jim Morrison

     November 25, 2013


If you’re a fan of Jim Morrison, you might want to keep an eye on the indie drama, The Last Beat.  The film is loosely based on his last days in Paris, and it’s always interesting to see how a movie does a biopic without being a straight biopic (Todd Haynes pulled this off brilliantly with the I’m Not There, which was based on the life of Bob Dylan).  Today, we have samples of two songs from the film, and I’ll leave it to the Morrison fans to decide how well they evoke the deceased musician.

Hit the jump to listen to the songs and an exclusive new image, and click here to keep up with the movie on Facebook.  The Last Beat stars Shawn Andrews (Dazed & Confused), Cameron Richardson (Entourage) Martha Higareda (Street Kings), Kevin Corrigan (Pineapple Express), and Seymour Cassell (Rushmore).

Here’s the official synopsis for The Last Beat:

“The Last Beat” is an erotic, lyrical, and music-filled portrait of a fictionalized character, a brilliant, complex, and troubled soul, inspired by Jim Morrison’s last days in Paris.

The Last Beat is about an American rock star Jay Douglas with poetic ambitions living in Paris who becomes involved in a love triangle. The movie is based loosely on Jim Morrison’s last days in Paris. The movie stars Shawn Andrews who will play Douglas, the film will also star Cameron Richardson as Valerie Eason, Douglas’ long time girlfriend. The film will also feature actors Martha Higareda, Kevin Corrigan and Seymour Cassell. Cassell has an advantage of having met Jim Morrison, they appeared together at the Cinematheque 16 poetry readings in May of 1969 (another bit of rock ‘n‘ roll trivia on Cassell, he is responsible for giving Guns ‘n‘ Roses guitarist the nickname Slash). The movie is being filmed by writer/director/producer Robert Saitzyk.



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