‘The Last Ship’ Producers on Elevating the Stakes in Seasons 4 and 5

     October 28, 2016

With The Last Ship performing well for TNT the past few years, it was no surprise the network picked up the series for another ten-episode season. But what was a surprise, even for producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, was after picking up the show for a fourth season, soon after TNT also renewed it for a ten-episode fifth season.

Sarah Aubrey, head of original programming for TNT, said in a statement. “The Last Ship has taken viewers on an exciting ride through three truly thrilling seasons. We look forward to watching the cast and production team ratchet up the drama, action and suspense even more over the next two seasons through summer 2018.”


Image via TNT

Last week I sat down with the busy producers to talk about the show. They revealed while they’re going to film season 4 and 5 back to back, each season will have its own storyline. We also talked about how involved they are in the day to day on the show, if it was difficult to have China as the villain in season 3, how season 4 starts fairly close to the end of the third season, upcoming casting announcements, and more.

If you’ve never seen The Last Ship, the series tells the story of what happens when a global pandemic wipes out a huge percentage of the planet’s population and the unaffected crew of a lone Naval destroyer, U.S.S. Nathan James, must find a way to pull humanity from the brink of extinction. The show stars Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin, Charles Parnell, Travis Van Winkle, Marissa Neitling, Christina Elmore, Jocko Sims, and Maximiliano Hernández.


Image via TNT

Watch what Andrew Form and Brad Fuller had to say in the interview above and below is what we talked about. If you missed what they had to say about the next Friday the 13th movie, The Purge 4, or Ouija: Origin of Evil, click the links.

Producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller:

  • Where are they in production for season 4 and 5?
  • How are they involved in the show?
  • Each season will be one arc but they’re filming back to back.
  • What did they learn in earlier seasons that they use now?
  • How hard was it to get China as the villain in season 3?
  • Says season 4 will start fairly close to the end of season 3.
  • Casting announcements?