First THE LAZARUS EFFECT Image: Resurrecting the Dead with Olivia Wilde

     January 5, 2015


It looks as though Jason Blum is about to go big with a small budget yet again.  The very first image from The Lazarus Effect, formerly titled Reawakening, just arrived and while it’s only a single film still, it’ll definitely put you on edge.

The movie comes from Jiro Dreams of Sushi director David Gelb and centers on a group of med students trying to bring subjects back from the dead.  Clearly something goes horribly wrong because Olivia Wilde doesn’t look quite right in this new The Lazarus Effect image.  Hit the jump to give it a closer look.  The film also stars Donald Glover and Mark Duplass, and is due in theaters on February 27th.

the-lazarus-effect-olivia-wildeHere’s what Blum told EW about making low-budget films:

“The reason I love to do low-budget movies is you can try different things … have creative freedom and experiment, like our characters.”

Based on the super brief synopsis for The Lazarus Effect, it doesn’t sound like Blum, Gelb and writers Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater did much risk-taking with the scenario, but Blum insists that Gelb will put a unique spin on raising the dead.  However, he did note the similarities between The Lazarus Effect and the 1990 release Flatliners:

“All of us really liked that movie. I feel like we’re tipping our hat to Flatliners, for sure, in this movie.”

Blum also discussed the choice to cast actors we don’t normally see in horror movies:

“The most important thing to make a movie scary is that the you forget you’re watching actors, and you think you’re watching real people. So I think if the audience sees someone they don’t necessarily associate with that genre, it make it feel more real.”

It’s impossible to gauge a film’s potential using an image alone, but this one is pretty powerful so it’s a solid start to the promotional push, and hopefully Blumhouse Productions and Relativity can keep it up.  With that February 27th release date fast approaching, a trailer can’t be too far off.

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