THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Is About “Can Batman Be Happy?”; Will Arnett Says the Action Is “Mind-Boggling”

     January 8, 2015


2017 will bring us a number of superhero movies (as will every year from here to eternity, apparently), but one of my most anticipated is undoubtedly The LEGO Batman Movie.  The character voiced by Will Arnett in The LEGO Movie is getting his own spinoff, produced by LEGO Movie writers/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller and directed by their co-director Chris McKay.  All you really needed to say was “LEGO Batman Movie with Will Arnett” to get me interested, but given that Lord and Miller crafted a hilarious take on the character in The LEGO Movie, I’m especially eager to see what his own feature film looks like.

Recently, Lord, Miller, and Arnett spoke a bit about The LEGO Batman Movie, revealing that the central idea of the story is “Can Batman be happy?”  See what else they had to say after the jump. 

the-lego-batman-movie-will-arnettSpeaking with MTV News, the trio were (understandably) unwilling to give up spoilers about the animated film, but Lord did reveal the main story nugget:

“No spoilers. But I will say I think the movie is really exciting because it’s about ‘Can Batman be happy?’”

That’s a fun idea to chew on, especially for a character who’s prone for writing songs about darkness and his lack of parents.  Lord added that the action in the film is “incredible”, with Arnett noting that the footage he’s seen was “mind-boggling.”  With Lord and Miller previously saying that The LEGO Batman Movie will acknowledge every era of Batman filmmaking, I can’t wait to see what other surprises are in store for audiences when the film hits theaters on May 26, 2017.

Watch the interview with MTV below to see the trio riffing on Batman’s “white people problems”.


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