Robin Just Wants to Hug Batman in New ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ TV Spot

     January 7, 2017


While there are plenty of massive live-action superhero movies on tap for release in 2017, The LEGO Batman Movie continues to have the potential to be the best one of the year. Warner Bros. has unveiled a new TV spot from the LEGO Movie spinoff, and the film looks hilarious, gorgeous, and refreshingly different. Chris McKay, who served as co-director on The LEGO Movie, steps into the director’s chair for this film with LEGO Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller serving as producers. But rather than simply making a Batman movie that happens to be animated, all involved seem to have an interest in telling a Batman story that’s never before been told.

While the film does indeed feature plenty of villains, led by Zach Galifianakis’ The Joker, it looks to be much more interested in diving into Batman’s psyche and really honing in on the character’s inherent loneliness. With Michael Cera voicing a very attached Robin, Batman is faced with coming to terms with his solitary life and lack of family, and while comedy is certainly laced throughout every piece of footage we’ve seen thus far, I have a feeling the film might also touch upon some interesting thematic stuff that previous Batman movies have failed to really nail.

For now, though, the film continues to look incredibly funny, as evidenced by this new TV spot. Take a look below, followed by a series of new character posters. The film also features the voices of Will Arnett, Ralph Fiennes, Rosario Dawson, Mariah Carey, Jenny Slate, and Billy Dee Williams. The LEGO Batman Movie opens in theaters on February 10th.

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