Over 30 Pictures from the “Finn’s Basement” Set of THE LEGO MOVIE

     February 15, 2014


Shortly before directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s The LEGO Movie was released in theaters, Warner Bros. held a press junket at LEGOLAND in Southern California.  While it was cool to walk around the park and interview the filmmakers, one of the highlights was getting to see one of the sets (Finn’s Basement) from the movie up close.  I won’t talk about how the location fits into the film since I know some of you still haven’t seen it, but the set is filled with a huge LEGO diorama and many miscellaneous LEGO ships and playsets.  It’s very cool in the film and even cooler up close.  Since many of you won’t be able to visit LEGOLAND to see the set up close, I took over 30 pictures of the set while I was there, so hit the jump to check them out.


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