Gore Verbinski in Talks to Re-Team with Johnny Depp for THE LONE RANGER

     September 27, 2010


Four of Gore Verbinski’s last five movies have starred Johnny Depp: he may make it five of six.  Following their work together on the initial Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and the upcoming animated film Rango, Verbinski is in talks to direct Depp in Disney’s big screen adaptation of The Lone Ranger.  According to Deadline, the intent is for Ranger to be Verbinski’s next project, though it’s uncertain when the film may enter production.  After all, Depp has another TV adaptation with Tim Burton on the books: the actor informed us in February that he expected Dark Shadows to move forward “this year.”  (Still three months left.)

The Lone Ranger started as a radio program in 1933 and aired nearly 3000 segments over the next two decades.  A 221-episode TV series followed from 1949-1957 on ABC.  Hit the jump for a bit more info on the character.

the_lone_ranger_clayton_moore_imagePer Wikipedia:

[The Lone Ranger] is a masked Texas Ranger in the American Old West, originally played by George Seaton (radio), but more famously by Clayton Moore (television), who gallops about righting injustices with the aid of his clever, laconic Native American companion, Tonto. Tonto usually referred to the Lone Ranger as Kemo Sabe, meaning “trusty scout.”  Departing on his white horse Silver, the Ranger would shout “Hi-yo, Silver, away!” as the horse galloped toward the setting sun, followed by someone asking “Who was that masked man, anyway?” “Why he’s the Lone Ranger.”


It’s worth noting that five of Depp’s last six starring performances have been coached by either Verbinski or Tim Burton.  It’s been an incestuous decade for this group, which may explain the genetic deformities of Alice in Wonderland.

If you’d like to learn more about the most recent collaboration between Verbinski and Depp, check out Jake’s report from his visit to Rango post-production headquarters.

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