Hans Zimmer Replaces Jack White on THE LONE RANGER

     December 14, 2012


There’s been a bit of a behind-the-scenes change on director Gore Verbinski’s upcoming adventure pic The Lone Ranger.  This past April, welcome news came in the form of Jack White signing on to pen the score to Verbinski’s Western, but it appears that scheduling issues have gotten in the way and White has exited the project.  In his stead will be frequent Verbinski collaborator Hans Zimmer, who of course composed the unforgettable score for the director’s Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Disney explained in a statement (via The Playlist) that White “has contributed several pieces of music to the production,” but became logistically unavailable when the film’s release date was pushed from May to July.  It’s a bummer that we won’t get to hear an original Western score from White, but Zimmer isn’t too shabby as a replacement.  Hopefully White’s work will see the light of day at some point, either in the finished film as a couple of standalone tracks or as part of an EP  The Lone Ranger is set to open on July 3, 2013.

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