The Lonely Island Drops Surprise Netflix Special, ‘The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience’

     May 23, 2019


The Lonely Island has never shied away from incredibly random, very specific humor, and they may have just created their magnum opus in that form by dropping a surprise release on Netflix with The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience. For those who need a refresher on late-80s MLB history, Jose Canseco (played by Andy Samberg) and Mark McGwire (played by Akiva Schaffer) were both on the Oakland Athletics and were known for hitting home runs. Their signature celebration move would be bashing their forearms together. Both players also later admitted to using steroids.

What The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience does is imagine what if Canseco and McGwire made a series of rap videos where they talk about hitting home runs, doing steroids, needing the approval of their fathers, being asked to shake their butts, trying to get laid with women who have no interest in them, and so forth. It’s a very silly “visual poem” but because it’s played completely straight, it’s absolutely hilarious. Each track had at least one moment that made me laugh out loud, and the whole thing is a joy to watch. Schaffer and co-director Mike Diva did an outstanding job making the visuals as explosive and catchy as the beats and rhymes.

Obviously, you probably know if The Lonely Island is your speed or not, but for me, this was absolutely on my wavelength. I love the specificity and randomness of the comedy, and I also love that they had the flexibility to just drop it on Netflix last night and leave it for fans to discover. But if you still need to be convinced, here are a couple of the music videos that were also posted to YouTube. After you see them, you’ll probably just want to take the remaining twenty minutes and watch the whole thing, which is time well spent.

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