How ‘The Mandalorian’ Could Shed Light on Boba Fett According to Daniel Logan

     June 20, 2019

As noted in this little snippet from my conversation with Sean Astin, the full Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con panels are on their way, but we have one more clip to share with you first – this one from the Star Wars panel with Academy Award nominated sound editor Matthew Wood and actor Daniel Logan who played young Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones and voiced the character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

As we all well know, Disney+ is launching on November 12th with the debut of the very first Star Wars live-action series, Jon Favreau‘s The Mandalorian. After the Boba Fett movie fell apart, there were hopes that maybe the iconic bounty hunter would appear in (if not star in) The Mandalorian TV show. While that seems somewhat unlikely now, there are still a ton of theories circulating the web entertaining the possibility that Boba Fett is involved in some capacity. Well, one way or the other, there was no way I was sitting down with Logan for 45 minutes and not getting his take on the direction Disney and Lucasfilm are taking with this series.


Image via Lucasfilm

When asked for his thoughts, he actually highlighted an interesting and meaningful way Boba Fett’s could connect to the material, even if he physically doesn’t make an appearance:

“[The Mandalorian Mercs] have worked and worked and worked to establish not only their name as the Mandalorian Mercs but as a fan group and big lovers of not just Boba Fett the character, but the Mandalorians and the Mandalorians that he came from and he worshipped and he wanted to obviously represent.


So for that, now that the Mandalorians have a place that we can explore, you start to understand why the Fetts started to be attracted to that Mandalorian lifestyle, why they dressed as the Mandalorians and took on that homage, I guess – the creed.”

Boba Fett back on screen or not, if The Mandalorian depicts Mandalorian culture in a way that offers some sort of explanation or reasoning behind Jango and Boba Fett’s choice to adopt this particular lifestyle, that’s good enough for me because that’s franchise world building at its best. There’s no doubt we’ll see more Star Wars stories down the line that aren’t directly connected to the Skywalker saga and that don’t include familiar faces from previous shows or films, but every single Star Wars story, no matter the medium, takes place within Star Wars canon, within the same galaxy far, far away. If one of those stories can enhance another (past, present or future) while only being tangentially connected, in my mind that’s a big win for the growing franchise.