‘The Mandalorian’ Trailer Description: The Live-Action ‘Star Wars’ Series Looks Great

     April 14, 2019

We’ve already shared a description of The Mandalorian footage screened today at Star Wars Celebration, but now it’s time to jump into the short teaser trailer that Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni and the cast showed off following that sequence. As one might expect, the piece played swiftly so it was impossible to catch all of the details but here are the highlights that stood out:

A nice chunk of the footage was devoted to Gina Carano’s character, Kara Dune (spelling unconfirmed). Someone in the trailer asks, “That one over there; what’s her business here?” As one might expect, we caught a handful of shots from a fight sequence that suggest Carano will deliver big time in the combat department while she plays this former rebel shock trooper.


Image via Disney

The piece also featured some narration from Werner Herzog’s character. He says, “The Empire improves every system it touches.” Then we get a shot of Giancarlo Esposito dressed in black who’s clearly in a villainous role here, instructing his Stormtroopers to “burn them out.” From there the voice work goes back to Herzog who declares, “Safety, prosperity, peace. Compare Imperial rule to what is happening now.” He adds, “Look outside. I see nothing but death and chaos.”

As explained in the footage description, it’s worth noting that The Mandalorian takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi. The Empire has been defeated and Emperor Palpatine’s instructions to secretly rebuild in the Unknown Regions have commenced. That being said, Herzog’s character is still dedicated to the pillars of The Empire so perhaps he and his cohorts were deemed unworthy of the rebuild and are now left behind, fighting for what they once had and still believe in.


Image via Disney

The Mandalorian teaser trailer also dished out shots of Jawas, a Sandcrawler, a droid that looked a whole lot like IG-88, a Dewback, some shots that suggest Esposito will fly a TIE fighter and, my personal favorite of the entire piece, a shot of The Mandalorian pummeling a Stormtrooper and smashing right through his helmet. I can’t help but to simply call this “a very cool shot,” but it could also highlight something else that’s likely key to this series – Beskar. The Mandalorian iron is used to create their armor and thought to be nearly indestructible. You won’t be able to shatter a Mandalorian helmet quite like what happens to this Stormtrooper here.

That’s all for now on The Mandalorian teaser trailer screened at Star Wars Celebration 2019 but hopefully it’ll be made available online in the near future. For more on The Mandalorian and what was screened at the presentation right now, click here for a full breakdown of the footage.

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