‘The Matrix 4’: Lana Wachowski Re-Teaming with Original Concept Artists Geof Darrow and Steve Skroce

     August 22, 2019

matrix-reloaded-sliceOne of the more unfortunate side effects of Marvel and Sony feuding over a Spider boi is the fact that feud completely overshadowed the news we are getting an honest-to-goodness Matrix 4 starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. Also, Lana Wachowski is returning to co-write and direct. Why aren’t we all freaking out? Why aren’t you, specifically, freaking out?

Oh, right, the terrible sequels. But there’s plenty of reasons to be hopeful here, and today saw the reveal of another one. Geof Darrow and Steve Skroce—who served as storyboard and concept artists on the original Matrix trilogy along with Jim Martin—are also plugging back in for the sequel. Both artists are primarily known as frequent award-winners in the comic book world, but they’ve also both worked alongside the Wachowskis on not only The Matrix, but also V for Vendetta, Speed Racer, and Jupiter Ascending.

Darrow broke the news himself on Twitter.

This is a bigger deal than it seems on the surface. Just as much as the groundbreaking CGI and mind-bending concepts, it was The Matrix‘s singular look and feel that made it influential. There hasn’t been a sci-fi or action flick since that quite matched that specific aesthetic, which can only be described as “1999 Steampunk,” or “Leather Gun-Fu Assassins”, or “What If You Walked Into a Hot Topic But It Was Badass As Shit?”

Wachowski, who will be taking on directing duties without sister Lily Wachowski for the first time, co-wrote the Matrix 4 script with David Mitchell and Aleksander Hemon. Mitchell is an author who notably wrote Cloud Atlas, the trippy novel the Wachowskis adapted into a 2012 film, while Hemon is an actor who appeared in the duo’s globe-trotting Netflix sci-fi series, Sense8.

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