‘The Matrix’ Reboot Writer Says It May Not Be a Reboot After All

     March 17, 2017


The entertainment news that’s had the internet all aflutter this week came on Tuesday, when word broke that Warner Bros. is in the early stages of developing a reboot of the classic 1999 sci-fi actioner The Matrix. Reboots happen all the time, but The Matrix is a curious case because the original film was so groundbreaking and spawned a franchise of its own. People have strong feelings about this, and while THR’s original report did indeed say this was a reboot WB was working on, they also noted the possibility of telling Rogue One-type stories, like a prequel Morpheus movie.

Now Zak Penn, the screenwriter reported to be in negotiations to pen the treatment for the so-called reboot, has spoken up on Twitter, and while he obviously can’t say much, he does seem to strike down the notion that this Matrix movie is a genuine reboot:


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