THE MAZE RUNNER Clip and Character Posters; Plus Additional Promos Featuring The Grievers

     September 4, 2014


If you’re going to survive The Maze Runner, you’ve got to follow the rules.  You’ve got to check out the map room, get your section assignment, gear up and only then can you run into the maze to try to find a way out.  And if that’s not hard enough, you’ve also got to make sure you make it back into The Glade before those doors close, otherwise, the Grievers will get you.

It’s always been clear that the James Dashner book has some serious big screen potential, but now that The Maze Runner promo material is pouring in ahead of the film’s September 19th release, it’s more evident than ever.  Hit the jump to catch a brand new The Maze Runner clip as well as some new promo videos and character posters, too.

We’ve got five videos for you to check out.  The first one, a promo titled “Survival,” is pretty standard and just runs through the basics of the narrative, but the second one, “Chosen,” takes a slightly different approach, suggesting that Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and the other Gladers were put there for a reason.  If you want a good look at the Grievers, check out the third video, “Clue.”  The footage comes and goes pretty quickly, but there’s a shot at the 12-second mark that offers a head-on glimpse of what these things look like.  After that we’ve got a promo called “Survive.”  (Yes, “Survive,” not “Survival.”)  This is the one that breaks down the Maze Runner’s daily schedule.

Last up for the videos is the best of the bunch.  You know that shot of Thomas and Minho (Ki Hong Lee) they keep using in the trailers where the boys are running through the maze while the walls are shifting?  “Runners” gives you a far more comprehensive look at that scene, and the effects and choreography are incredible.  Finally, just below that, we’ve also got five new character posters for the film as well.






The Maze Runner Clip, Character Posters

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