‘The Meg’: Let’s Talk about That Giant, Man-Eating Shark

     April 10, 2018


The first trailer for Warner Bros.’ shark-based thriller The Meg arrived on our shores last night in terrifying fashion. It’s quickly become one of my most anticipated films of the year based on nothing other than deep-sea terror, the strong possibility of seeing Rainn Wilson‘s character die in spectacular fashion, and the chance that Jason Statham will get to punch a prehistoric shark in the face. This potential blockbuster may make folks afraid to go back into the water again this summer but they should be arriving at the movie theater in droves.

Now Jon Turteltaub could have gone extreme for this take on the world’s biggest shark to have ever existed–and there’s every chance that the movie will do just that–but the first trailer keeps its title terror surprisingly close to the monsters that existed in reality. Perhaps that’s due to the adaptation of Steve Alten‘s 1997 sci-fi book “Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror”, but it’s a refreshing bit of scientific accuracy for a movie that doesn’t really need to rely on it. Then again, the true horror of megalodon’s statistics are terrifying enough to begin with that you really don’t need to exaggerate much at all. I took at look at just how closely The Meg‘s title terror comes to reality; we’ll see how much of this holds up when it opens this August 10th.

For a primer, check out Discovery’s Shark Week spotlight on Megalodon:


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