Comic Book News: Paramount Picks up THE MIGHTY; Practical Pictures to Adapt ALIEN AT LARGE

     June 2, 2011


Regular readers of the site may think from time to time, “I read about all of these projects in development, but I never see them at my local multiplex.”  Studios like acquiring projects because A) it keeps other studios from getting them, and B) because one day they might actually turn it into a movie.  And because comic book movies have taken off, and studios are risk-averse entities chasing after profitable demographic, they want the rights to comic books in their stables.

For instance, Deadline reports that Paramount Pictures has optioned Keith Champagne and Peter Tomasi’s The Mighty.  It’s got a good premise: The protagonist is mortal, a tough cop. He hunts a villain who is the superhero and must overcome the obvious disadvantages of going up against someone with superpowers.  It reminds me of Gotham Central, a solid comic series you should check out.  But The Mighty may be the next Hench, a comic book movie that just sits there.  Hit the jump for more comic book news.

alien-at-large-comic-book-cover-01Now The Mighty could hit screens.  Paramount could attach a writer, a director, a name actor, and send it down the fast track.  The same thing could happen with Practical Pictures’ development of the Platinum Studios comic Alien at Large.  Practical is the company behind the American Pie and Final Destination franchises and Platinum was behind the original comic book for Cowboys & Aliens.  Here’s the plot synopsis for Alien at Large:

“Alien At Large” tells the story of Earth’s first interstellar ambassador, who is not the brightest star in the galaxy. Although he means well, he has the uncanny ability to turn a harmless situation into utter catastrophe. Yet his bumbling might just save our planet, as his arrival unwittingly disrupts a nefarious alien conspiracy. The graphic novel was created and written by Bob Keenan.

That could be a fun movie and you might see it in theaters one day.  We report on a lot of potential comic book movies.  And unless it’s a major name, you probably will never see the movie*.  Scripts are sold and rights are optioned every day.  The majority of the films those scripts and adaptations are supposed to be will never get made.  So when I tell you about The Mighty and Alien at Large, please remember that you’re not going to necessarily see these movies.  You might.  Anything’s possible and I’m sure there is good faith on the side of all parties, but films have to go through numerous considerations to get a green light.

*Hell, it could be a name and still not become a movie.  Just look at Wonder Woman and The Flash, which are stuck in development hell.

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