Fox Cancels THE MINDY PROJECT, But Hulu Might Bring It Back

     May 6, 2015


The impending wave of renewal and cancellation confirmations coming from the TV upfront presentations (where networks present their schedules for advertisers) has started early, and with a surprise. Despite it getting into sweet syndication money territory after three seasons, Fox has decided to cancel The Mindy Project.

This isn’t perhaps a huge surprise, since the show has struggled in the ratings from the start, although it’s always held fairly steady even with its low numbers (showing that it has a dedicated fanbase).


Image via Fox

That fanbase is what Hulu may be hoping to reach if it decides to revive the series, which according to THR, it is in talks to do. Hulu has been making a big push regarding original content recently, as reported in our story about it developing a fantasy series with Legenday, based on the 1990s computer game Myst. But, since Hulu already owns the streaming rights to Mindy, it’s also a logical step for them to invest in the show having more seasons.

We’ll update you once the Hulu news is confirmed officially, but take heart, Mindy Project faithful! Most fandoms have to lobby to get this kind of attention for their shows to live on elsewhere, so the fact that there’s already interest (from, apparently, multiple places) is definitely positive.

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