DC’s Modern Golem Tale ‘The Monolith’ Heading to the Big Screen via Lionsgate

     August 24, 2016


Even with the questionable performances of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad on the whole, the DC adaptation train has no time for slowing down. And, in fact, they might be learning a thing or two from their brethren at Marvel, as it turns out. THR reported yesterday that The Monolith, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti‘s DC series, is now in the works as a major motion picture with Lionsgate. More importantly, the company has tapped Dave Wilson, the creative director of Blur Studio, to direct the film from a script by Barnett Brettler. Blur Studio is, of course, the company run by Deadpool director Tim Miller, who made inarguably the most noteworthy comic-book adaptation of the year thus far.


Image via DC

The story of The Monolith is remarkably similar to the tale of the Golem, a Jewish folk tale that tells of a clay-made hulk that can be ordered to kill and destroy by its maker. In Palmiotti and Gray’s comics, the creature is discovered by a young woman who has recently moved into the home of her deceased grandmother, after reading about the creature in her grandmother’s diary. Chaos, violence, and death ensues, naturally, as the humongous beast is called into action by its new owner as a defender, rather than an agent of evil.

This sounds like exactly the kind of comic book movie that would do well under Lionsgate’s banner, which built a considerable part of its business off of low-budget, big-idea horror and action films. The Monolith ostensibly can be built as a horror film with a supernatural superhero edge to the whole thing, giving Wilson some stylistic room to play and be inventive, much like Deadpool. This would be Wilson’s first proper feature, after working on video games and trailers, and it would also be Brettler’s first script outside of the world of spec writing. If DC adaptations have been in the market for new blood, they have seemingly found it with this project.


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