The Most Important List of 2008 is Released

     December 1, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Let’s be honest, many of the best of lists that get released each year are pretty worthless. It seems that every person on every website has an opinion about what were the best movies, TV shows, books…you name it. And while they’re fun to peruse, I don’t think they matter too much. After all, with the abundance of top ten lists, they all sort of blend together after awhile.

That being said, a list has just been released that I think is worth looking over….especially if you’re a fan of sex scenes and nudity in movies and TV shows.

Since it’s the end of the year, Mr. Skin has released his Top 20 Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2008. And while I consider myself pretty opinionated about movies and TV shows…I’ll let the expert of nudity decide what was the best of 2008.

According to his own guidelines, to qualify for the list the nude scene must be from a film that received its official release in 2008, either theatrically or on DVD. In addition, Mr. Skin has also picked the 10 Best TV Nude Scenes of 2008, in honor of his new site—MrSkin.TV.

So if you’re curious…here’s the list…

The Top 20 Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2008:

1. Mischa Barton – Closing the Ring

2. Sophie Monk – Sex and Death 101

3. Heather Graham – Adrift in Manhattan

4. Asia Argento – The Last Mistress

5. Neve Campbell – I Really Hate My Job

6. Anna Faris – The House Bunny

7. Amy Smart – Mirrors

8. Mena Suvari – Stuck

9. Laura Ramsey – The Ruins

10. Angelina Jolie – Wanted

11. Penélope Cruz – Elegy

12. Jessica Morris – Role Models

13. Willa Ford – Impulse

14. Carly Pope – YPF

15. Jenna Jameson – Zombie Strippers

16. Jess Weixler – Teeth

17 Moran Atias – Mother of Tears

18. Vera Farmiga – Never Forever

19. Maria Bello – Downloading Nancy

20. Amy Adams – Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

The Top 10 TV Nude Scenes of 2008:

1. Lizzy Caplan – True Blood (HBO)

2. Mary Louise Parker – Weeds (Showtime)

3. Anna Paquin – True Blood (HBO)

4. Arlene Tur – Crash (Starz)

5. Jenaveve Jolie – Entourage (HBO)

6. Caprice Benedetti – Brotherhood (Showtime)

7. Hayley Marie Norman – Crash (Starz)

8. Cerina Vincent – Manchild (Showtime)

9. Alicia Leigh Willis, Katherine Moennig – The L Word (Showtime)

10. Carla Gallo – Californication (Showtime)

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