Len Wiseman’s THE MUMMY Will Be Set in the Modern Day; Will Be “Epic”

     December 14, 2012


Earlier this year, we learned that Universal was rebooting The Mummy franchise with Jon Spaihts (Prometheus) to write the screenplay, and Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman on board to produce.  In September, director Len Wiseman (Total Recall) joined the project, and now he has provided some brief details on how his movie will differ from the recent Brendan Fraser flicks.  The character originally found popularity on the screen in 1932 when it was played by the legendary Boris Karloff.

Hit the jump for more.  The Mummy reboot is set for a possible 2014 release.

Speaking to Movieweb, Wiseman provided a brief description of what the new version of The Mummy would be:

“It’s horror. Its epic. It’s more of a modern day version of what would happen if we came across a mummy in our world today. It is pretty fascinating.”

Oh no!  The Mummy is using the Internet!  Kill it! KILL IT WITH TECHNOLOGY!

I am curious to see how the Mummy functions in the modern day since it’s not like a vampire or a zombie.  Both of those creatures can function in the present since they have a viral aspect that allows them to propagate their species.  Mummification is fairly complicated process.

Wiseman didn’t definitively say that The Mummy will be his next movie, noting, “if The Mummy is to be the next movie for me, is that The Mummy is a completely different film. It is a modern day take. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Brendan Fraser films, and it is not a remake of any kind.”


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