‘The Mummy’: Tom Cruise Insisted on Shooting in a Vomit Comet

     December 4, 2016


Now that you’ve seen the insanity that director Alex Kurtzman‘s The Mummy has to offer thanks to the first full trailer, we can dig into the monster movie’s details a bit more. Luckily, our own Steve Weintraub had a chance to sit down with Kurtzman himself, along with a small group of visiting journalists, to talk about the making of the film, working with star Tom Cruise, The Mummy‘s place in Universal Pictures’ shared cinematic universe, and much more. Look for Steve’s full interview later this week. Be aware that some potential spoilers follow below.

In the meantime, we wanted to bring you Kurtzman’s comments on the film’s visual effects work, which not only includes an affirmation that they prioritized practical effects but also a bonkers story about Cruise insisting that the big plane sequence seen in the trailer was done practically. How, you ask? Why, by using the “vomit comet”, of course!


Image via Paramount

Before we get to that colorful story, it’s important to mention that Kurtzman and The Mummy team aren’t just making a green-screen movie that’ll be put together in post-production. Kurtzman addressed the balance between practical and digital VFX as follows:

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