Could The Muppets Host the 84th Annual Academy Awards?

     November 9, 2011


It’s not easy being green. Actually, this week it wasn’t easy being Brett Ratner or Eddie Murphy. If you’re a little late to the party, Ratner resigned from producing the Oscars due to a slur he uttered in response to a question at a Q&A session. Once he left, Murphy, who was supposed to host the Oscars, followed suit. Brian Grazer will replace Ratner, but who can replace the comedic timing, widespread appeal and genuine star power of Eddie Murphy?

How about The Muppets? A new pro-Muppet-Oscars Facebook page and Twitter account have popped up since the Academy Awards hosting position became available. Sure, they happen to be owned by Disney and sure, Disney-owned ABC is airing the Oscars… and The Muppets have a movie coming out soon, and this could all be clever marketing. But that doesn’t mean they can’t host an awards show, right? Hit the jump for more.

Personally, I’m fine with a Muppet-host for the 84th Annual Academy Awards. The characters are endearing, they’re varied enough in their personalities to write interesting bits to fill time and Statler and Waldorf should fit right at home in the audience:

kermit-the-frog-muppets-oscar-posterThey may lack the necessary arm strength to pull a rambling award-accepter from the stage, but fans are already making their voices heard. One fan went so far as to redesign the Oscar award itself (pictured, right)!

The Muppets have had a long and storied history of appearances at the Academy Awards. In 1980, Miss Piggy and host Johnny Carson shared a heart to heart as to why the former was not “Oscar material,” to which Carson replied, “Oscar Mayer, maybe.” Kermit the Frog also performed his nominated-song, “The Rainbow Connection” at the show. The Muppets have also been spotted at the 54th, 58th and 68th Awards, but have been absent ever since (with the exception being the 2010 Memorial segment featuring Dom DeLuise in a clip from The Muppet Movie.)

If you’re still not swayed, put together a list of the “Top Ten Reasons the Muppets Should Host the Oscars.” And if you’re a fan already, head over to their Facebook page and Twitter accounts to throw in your hat with the hashtag #MuppetOscars. If you do, maybe we can hear this famous song at the opening of the 84th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, February 26, 2012.


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