Being Green Just Got Easier; ABC Orders Full Season of ‘The Muppets’ Plus 3 Episodes

     October 29, 2015


ABC’s revitalization of The Muppets for a television audience seems to be going well. While the show has been met with some mixed reviews, overall it has received positive marks (read our take here) as well as finding a respectable audience size. These results have been good enough for ABC to pick up the show for a full season. Not only that, but they have given the show a vote of confidence by greenlighting an additional three episodes, bringing the total count for the first season to 16.

Per Variety, this positive update for the show seems to be a result of The Muppets’ connection to ABC Studios. The network is not just doubling down on a show or a brand they have invested in but also one which they have a direct interest in seeing succeed, considering they are very much intertwined with the property (Disney, which owns rights to The Muppets, also owns ABC).

It is pretty interesting that a show about Kermit the Frog and his gang has found success not just on the small screen but especially in a prime time setting. As a film, like the one that came out in 2011, it would make sense for it to succeed, considering its saturation in popular culture and the fact that a film hadn’t been made in over a decade. It also made for good entertainment for children and adults. As a television show (and one played as a traditional sitcom as opposed to The Muppet Show), it gets a little trickier. I could see it being successful, but at 8:00 p.m. on a Tuesday, that seems somewhat bold. Given that, it makes sense that the show has adopted more adult themes. In full disclosure, I have not seen the show and this new iteration of these classic characters. But as a fan of the characters, coupled with this news about ABCs commitment to the show, I am interesting in seeing them in a different setting.