The New Star Wars DVD Covers Are Online

     May 16, 2006

Unless you have been hiding in a cave you know that George Lucas is releasing new DVDs of the original unaltered Star Wars trilogy this September. Rather than letting someone else scoop what they look like, the covers have been posted on Since I am sure they want all the press they can get, I have put the images below for all of you to see with a link to the original posting.

While they are not anything that screams amazing, I do like how they have the words limited edition on top to remind all of us that you had better buy these as soon as they come out, or else! I think what the covers are missing are gold holograms that say collectible. Or better yet, maybe they will package them with limited action figures so collectors are forced to buy two. Or better yet three. Or maybe they should come packaged with limited edition t-shirts. Or underoos. I still can’t believe kids used to where underoos.

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