‘The Nun’: Corin Hardy & Taissa Farmiga Tease Valak’s Presence

     July 25, 2018

It’s only been five years since The Conjuring kicked off its box office run with a very impressive $42 million dollar start, but we’re already gearing up for the release of the fifth film in that franchise – the spinoff movie The Nun. James Wan is still producing but this is another instance where he hands over the directorial reins to another filmmaker, in this case The Hallow director Corin Hardy. Hardy is taking the action back in time and over to Romania where a priest (Demián Bichir) and a novitiate (Taissa Farmiga) are tasked with investigating the suicide of a young nun at a cloistered abbey. Their experience will give franchise fans another look at the malevolent force that terrorized the Warrens and the Hodgson family in The Conjuring 2.

I was lucky enough to catch some footage from The Nun at ScareDiego at San Diego Comic-Con – an evening that’s quickly becoming my favorite SDCC event – but even with the film’s official synopsis, a trailer and the added insight from that footage, I’m still having a tough time answering one major question – is this a nun movie or a Valak movie?


Image via Warner Bros.

During my interview with director Corin Hardy and star Taissa Farmiga, both were careful not to reveal too much too soon, but it’s clear that there’s a fascinating mystery going on here, and it’s one that could add a very curious layer to the existing Conjuring franchise films while also perhaps influencing future installments as well. Check out what the duo told me about The Nun in the SDCC video interview at the top of this article. The Nun is due in theaters on September 7th.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s discussed in the video:

  • Meet The Little Nun!
  • Did Hardy get to choose which upcoming Conjuring film he’d get to direct?
  • Did Vera Farmiga have anything to do with getting Taissa involved in the film?
  • Taissa Farmiga is actually not a big horror movie fan.
  • Farmiga gives the basics on her character, Sister Irene.
  • Will we feel The Conjuring connectivity in The Nun?
  • Is this movie a nun movie or is it a Valak movie?
  • Hardy and Farmiga share their thoughts on the frequency of finding new filmmakers on Internet platforms.
  • Hardy discusses having creative freedom but making The Nun feel like it’s part of The Conjuring franchise.
  • Farmiga shares her experience filming in Romania, and Hardy discusses making their shooting location even creepier for her.
  • Are they afraid to say Valak’s name out loud?

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