‘The Originals’: 13 Things to Know from the Set

     November 12, 2015


When it comes to The Originals, there’s always plenty of drama, and we were able to get a few tidbits about what that drama might include in upcoming episodes. Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, and Phoebe Tonkin, as well as the hair and makeup artists, costume department, and prop master all spoke to journalists this week from the show’s set in Atlanta. And as far as Daniel is concerned, this season is the show’s best.

  • Phoebe told us that Hayley is looking to build allies this season, and that loyalties are changing. But having Elijah, Klaus, Davina, and others on her side puts her in a powerful position in the town.
  • But, Phoebe went on to say that Hayley’s main objective is just to keep Hope safe and living a normal life, and so her choices always ultimately serve that purpose.
  • For those wondering, the wolf pack massacre is taking a little bit of a backseat for now, with so much else going on.

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    As for this upcoming episode, Joseph said that Klaus will definitely want to to deal with Cami being arrested immediately, because he feels so protective of her.

  • Joseph also talked a little bit about going from a villain on The Vampire Diaries to the main protagonist on The Originals, and that it’s about building layers. Essentially, he doesn’t think Klaus would have made any different choices in the past (that he’s not a different person, there are just so many facets of his personality).
  • If you’ve noticed a change in style this year, you have a good eye — the hair and makeup department confirmed that there has been a push this season to keep the looks more natural than in previous seasons (less makeup for the women, more relaxed hairstyles for everyone).
  • Again, for those with a keen eye, the costume department talked about how all of the show’s colors are muted of course (lots of blacks!) but some of the actors get lighter elements (like Elijah’s shirts) that offer a better contrast. Also, Hayley is given heavy, combat boots to “ground her” physically, whereas Cami’s style is much lighter and more bohemian.
  • As for what’s coming up, we heard there’s something amazing in Episode 9 (the cast is currently filming Episode 11) regarding the show’s makeup effects.

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    How will the rift be different for Klaus and Elijah this time? Daniel said the ravine is becoming increasingly larger, and that it seems like the whole season is built around that. Though the two will have to keep working together, this rift is definitely going to cause some major tensions.

  • Daniel also told us he’s happy that Elijah is really getting his own identity this season, and will have a definite purpose.
  • When it comes to politics among the supernaturals in town, though the Strix are attempting to gain power, Joseph confirmed that the Mikaelsons are still at the top of the food chain.
  • Speaking of food, the upcoming Thanksgiving episode featuring “the unholy trinity” together will be, of course, filled with drama (I mean … of course). There are a few spoilers that I can’t reveal, but it sounds like it’s going to be really intense.
  • Joseph also said that while there are always “whispers” of a crossover with The Vampire Diaries, there is no confirmation of anything yet.

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Image via the CW