‘The Originals’ Cast Talk Aurora, Klaus’ Jealousies, and Hayley’s Future

     November 11, 2015


With last week’s “The Axeman’s Letter,The Originals seems to have really ramped up its third season, thanks to the introduction (really, the return) of Aurora (Rebecca Breeds), which has created a new rift between Elijah and Klaus. Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, and Phoebe Tonkin spoke to journalists this week from the show’s set in Atlanta about the new frictions, and where they leave certain relationships.

Firstly, there have been a lot of questions about Hayley’s relationship with Klaus, and where that might be headed this season. When asked about whether or not Klaus is jealous of Hayley’s new home life, Phoebe said he probably is a little heartbroken to see Hayley in “a normal family environment with her husband and her baby in their apartment […] because he knows he’ll probably never have that kind of lifestyle with anyone. This was his one chance to have a child, and now he’s created this terrible situation with that child’s mother.”


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However, regarding custody of Hope, “I think they’ve come to an agreement, and I think Klaus realizes what he did was really bad,” Phoebe continued. Joseph added that the idea that Hope could be happy without Klaus — that maybe she wouldn’t need him — is scary for him. But don’t lose hope, Klayley fans. Joseph did tell us that there will be more interactions between Klaus and Hayley coming up, and not all will be negative … you’ll just have to wait awhile.

As for her relationship with Jackson (Nathan Parsons), Phoebe said Hayley is loyal to him (and that she has grown to love him, as he’s become “home” to her), even though there’s undeniable chemistry with Elijah. The two haven’t had many scenes together yet, but Daniel believes Hayley and Elijah are in love (and don’t send him hate — “I’m not the writer!”). Still, Elijah is respectful of her relationship with Jackson. But if Jackson were to leave the picture? “He would make a move in a heartbeat,” Daniel said. He then added, “Well, maybe a couple of heartbeats, because he’s patient. And immortal.”

As for a possible Hayley and Tristan pairing: “I think she’s too smart to let that happen,” Phoebe told us, even though she (and the rest of the cast) expressed how much they love Oliver Ackland, who plays Tristan. She added, “now, Tristan and Aurora …”


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Aurora has certainly stirred the pot for the characters, and Joseph said for Klaus there’s definitely a bond with her over Elijah’s betrayal. However, things are difficult “whenever a possessive ex comes in to town,” so his relationship with Aurora “initially will hinder” his relationship with Cami, for whom he feels possessive. But ultimately Joseph said that Klaus is really looking to work through some of these old, unresolved feelings for Aurora (“there are a lot of emotions there”), even though he’s wary and thinking strategically. As Joseph said, “I mean, where has she been for 800 years?”

The betrayal has, of course, created a new rift between Klaus and Elijah, but Joseph said the two are “begrudgingly united” because of common foes. (And Phoebe said that Hayley has not been forced to choose sides yet). Phoebe also chimed in to say that Hayley will meet Aurora … and that she doesn’t like her, seeing her as a threat. However, “she’s one of my favorite characters ever on the show!”

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Image via The CW


Image via The CW