‘The Predator’ Casts Olivia Munn Opposite Boyd Holbrook

     November 3, 2016


[Update: We’ve since learned, via very reliable sources, that the film will not take place in the suburbs. Our original story follows below.]

With Shane Black prepping to start production on 20th Century Fox’s The Predator this coming February, the core cast is starting to come together. We already knew that Boyd Holbrook would be coming onboard to replace Benicio Del Toro, who broke our hearts by departing the picture last month. But now we know that Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse) will be starring opposite him in the lead role.

Thanks to a new report from THR, we also know the roles that both Holbrook and Munn will be taking on. Munn, who’s technically still in negotiations for the humans-vs-hunter reboot, “will play a scientist opposite Holbrook’s Special Forces commando.” What kind of scientist? No idea, but probably one who runs in high heels. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the latest news on the project is that The Predator will not be setting the action deep in the jungle amidst vicious guerrilla warfare or in the hotly contested streets of a gang-infested Los Angeles; it’ll be set in the suburbs.


Image via HBO

As 100% “Shane Black” as that idea is, it’s an odd choice of a setting considering the title terror’s mythology. The extra-terrestrial trophy hunters tend to gravitate towards centers of conflict, track down the most dangerous entities they come across, and then skin them and mount their skulls on display. I can’t imagine what would draw them to the suburbs, but that’s why Black and Fred Dekker are writing it and not me. All I know is that seeing a Predator storm through suburbia to take his vengeance out upon privileged socialites will be a helluva good time.

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