Fox Orders Pilot for THE PUNISHER TV Series

     October 21, 2011


Marvel’s The Punisher flopped twice at the box office (even though the second movie is great) but they haven’t given up on the murderous vigilante.  According to Deadline, Criminal Minds showrunner Ed Bernero has adapted the comic for a pilot commitment from Fox.  The series would be an “an hour-long procedural” which would see Frank Castle (aka The Punisher) “as a rising star detective with the New York Police Department” who moonlights as a vigilante, “seeking justice for those the system has failed.”  This character is also known as Dexter Morgan or Daredevil.  Seriously, why not just adapt Daredevil?  That movie flopped too and instead of cop procedural, you’d have a courtroom procedural.  The unoriginality of network TV would prevail!  Fox is also developing a series based on the DC comics hero The Spectre.  I hope the character’s day job is in a hospital.

Marvel has already sent their comic series Powers to FX.  The studio is also developing the TV series AKA Jessica Jones (based on the comic Alias), The Hulk (produced by Guillermo del Toro), Cloak and Dagger, Mockingbird, and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.