Michael K. Williams Says Frank Grillo May Return for THE PURGE 3; Carmen Ejogo is Ready to Move on to New Things

     December 18, 2014


The Purge 3 was officially announced back in October, but other than the fact that it’s happening, we know nothing about what’s to come in the new installment.  The Purge: Anarchy ditched the Sandin family from the 2013 original, so will The Purge 3 feature a brand new group of main players trying to survive the night while crime is legal for 12 hours?  It certainly could happen, but it also seems unlikely that James DeMonaco would introduce Carmelo and his anti-Purge group for no reason.

Michael K. Williams has previously said that he thinks he’s bringing back his character for The Purge 3, but while promoting his upcoming film The Gambler, he told me that another Purge: Anarchy star might be joining him.  Hit the jump for more.

the-purge-3-michael-k-williamsHere’s what Williams said when asked if The Purge 3 is moving forward:

“From what I understand there will be a Purge 3 and it’s been, from what I understand – this is just rumor mill – it’s been greenlit and you can definitely look to see Frank Grillo and my character, our characters collide and come together and go after the real bad guys … as of right now don’t quote me, but that’s what I’ve been hearing.”

Carmen Ejogo also discussed The Purge 3 while out promoting a new release, but it doesn’t seem as though she’s too keen on playing her Purge: Anarchy character again.  Here’s what she said when asked if she wants to return for round three:

“No. [Laughs]  You know, as an actress, the thing I’ve always loved about acting is that you get to change.”

It’s really no surprise Ejogo wants to leave the door open for new opportunities.  After her performance in Selma, odds are, she’ll have quite a few to choose from.

I had hoped we would see the full group of Purge: Anarchy survivors return for the third film, but even if it’s just Williams and Grillo, that would already be a fantastic core cast right there.  Grillo made for a rock solid lead and one heck of an action star in the second film and then Williams’ appearance teased the possibility that the franchise will finally start to delve into the politics of The Purge and how it’s affected the population on a wider scale.

Of course Williams did say “don’t quote me” so things probably aren’t locked in yet, but it does seem like the project might be moving in a promising direction.


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