First Images and Official Synopsis of Joann Sfar’s THE RABBI’S CAT

     November 9, 2010

The Rabbits Cat slice

Straight out of the American Film Market (AFM), we’ve got your first look at French director/author/comic book artist Joann Sfar’s feature film adaptation of his beloved graphic novel The Rabbi’s Cat.  The French animated film, from one of the most celebrated artists of the new wave of Franco-Belgian comics, is a tale about a Rabbi who has his hands full, and sets off on an adventure to a mythical city alongside some affable companions which include his talking cat. Sfar co-directed and wrote the hand-drawn 2D animated film, his second feature after this year’s Gainsbourg.  Don’t let the logline fool you, as his books are famous for diving into the headier themes of life.  Hit the jump to check out the images, as well as an official synopsis.

Here’s the synopsis for The Rabbi’s Cat:

Algiers, 1920’s. Rabbi Sfar has more than one problem. His beautiful daughter is becoming a teenager and above all, his parrot-killing cat has just started talking! The delivery of a box from Russia further complicates things when a painter is discovered inside, more dead than alive. He is on a quest for a hidden tribe and its mythical city in Africa. Convinced that the city exists, he sets off on an incredible adventure, taking with him the Rabbi, his cat, a wise old Arab Sheikh and an eccentric Russian billionaire. Sfar’s style and vision carries a universal message of tolerance, in this highly original, beautifully crafted film, celebrating a joyful and multi-colorful return to hand-drawn 2D.





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