Warner Bros. Buys Spec Script for THE RABBIT with Chris Tucker Attached to Star

     December 6, 2010


Looking for his first major role since the Rush Hour Trilogy, Chris Tucker is slated to star in The Rabbit, a spec script recently picked up by Warner Bros. The project, written by Micah Barnett, is being produced by Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes). According to Deadline, The Rabbit will have a similar plot line to the 1988 Midnight Run, a buddy comedy in which Robert DeNiro plays a no-nonsense bounty hunter sent to bring in Charles Grodin, a mafia accountant with an annoying personality. Three guesses as to which character Tucker would play.

Hit the jump for a quick look at Tucker’s movie history and just how versatile his roles have been.

the_fifth_element_movie_image_chris_tucker_01Most people will probably remember Chris Tucker from the original Friday, in which he plays Smokey, a pot-aficionado friend of Craig Jones (Ice Cube). Smokey eventually gets the pair in trouble with a local drug dealer. Hi-jinx ensue. This is arguably Tucker’s most memorable role.

Personally, I think the most recognizable character of Tucker’s has to be the cross-dressing, hyperactive DJ, Ruby Rhod from Fifth Element. If there was one place where Tucker’s comedic timing, whiny voice and general ridiculousness fit in, it was Luc Besson’s far-fetched future epic.

His most successful project is obviously the Rush Hour series. Playing Detective James Carter, Tucker brings his own brand of high-pitched, fast-talking humor throughout the trilogy. The chemistry between Tucker and Jackie Chan is charming in the first installment, but quickly wears thin.

Will The Rabbit bring Tucker back into the buddy comedy limelight or will the project fizzle out before he gets the chance? Perhaps a better question is: do any of you care?

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