The Poster for ‘The Revenant’ Is Really, Really, Ridiculously Good-Looking

     October 23, 2015


20th Century Fox has released the first teaser poster for Oscar-winning Birdman director Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s highly anticipated follow-up The Revenant, and it’s unsurprisingly quite gorgeous. Based on true events, the film takes place in the early 19th century and stars Leonardo DiCaprio as hunter Hugh Glass, who is left for dead by his compatriots following a (very graphic, apparently) bear mauling. He subsequently awakens and sets out for revenge, with Tom Hardy and Domhnall Gleeson filling the roles of the men who must come face to face with Glass’ wrath.

We’ve seen from the trailers that Iñárritu and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki have captured The Revenant with a haunting natural beauty, and that visual theme is prevalent in this simple yet elegant teaser one-sheet.

Indeed, Lubezki shot the film in remote portions of Canada and South America using only natural light, which it turns out is really, really hard. The production ran into troubles with the weather, including both a lack of snow and too much snow, but Iñárritu’s insistence on capturing this story naturally meant that filming stretched on way past its scheduled wrap date. Judging by the trailers—especially this most recent one—it was a tough journey well worth taking, and I’m hoping that ambition results in something special when the film hits theaters.

Take a look at the teaser poster below, followed by the most recent trailer. The Revenant opens in limited release on December 25th before expanding wide in January.


Here’s the official synopsis for The Revenant:

Deep in the uncharted American wilderness, hunter Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is severely injured and left for dead by a traitorous member of his team, John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). With sheer will as his only weapon, Glass must navigate a hostile environment, a brutal winter, and warring Native American tribes in relentless quest to survive and exact vengeance on Fitzgerald. 

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Image via 20th Century Fox

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