THE ROCKER Movie Trailer

     May 6, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

The plot to 20th Century Fox’s summer comedy “The Rocker,” doesn’t sound bad – drummer gets fired from an 80’s hair band just before they hit it big and spends the next 20 years feeling sorry for himself until he joins his nephew’s garage band and finds new purpose – oh wait, that does sound kind of bad after all.

And if the trailer does not deceive, “The Rocker” does not hold up any better visually then it does on paper, despite starring Rainn Wilson. Wilson has been riding high from his recent role in “Juno” and news of a possible spin-off for his character from “The Office,” but that does not mean he is hot enough to carry a mediocre summer comedy. Co-stars Jeff Garlin and Jane Lynch are both very funny, but almost entirely ignored in the trailer.

“The Rocker” was co-produced by Shawn Levy, which probably accounts for the film’s family-friendly vibe. Director Peter Cattaneo (“The Full Monty”) may have been able to make Wilson’s washed up wannabe drummer more hardcore in the finished film, but whomever cut this trailer left out any hint of raunch. One of the teen leads even utters the line “He’s sloppy, he’s stupid and he’s full of life.” My God, that would be a brilliant line if it was meant to be ironic – sadly, I think the screenwriters were trying for serious. Ouch.

Well, all summer movies can’t be winners, right? I do hear that Pete Best makes a cameo as himself in the film – that’s something, right?

“The Rocker” opens August 1st.

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