Disney Acquires Sci-Fi Adventure THE RUNNER as Directing Vehicle for Marc Forster

     March 8, 2011


Even though direct Marc Forster showed little competence in putting together the set pieces in Quantum of Solace, he’s still in the action-movie game.  Disney has acquired the sci-fi adventure project The Runner as a directing vehicle for Forster.  The story is set in a post-apocalyptic 2027 where a group of survivors discover a way to send a guy back in time in order to stop a devastating attack.  However, he has an ulterior motive: saving the love of his life.  Sadly, Hallmark doesn’t make a greeting card for when you want to let that special someone know that you saved their life, but doomed the planet in the process.

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While greeting cards may be out, Deadline reports that the project is also being developed for TV, video games, graphic novels, and interactive content on handheld devices.  No mention of lunchboxes but why not.  While they’re at it, maybe they should put advertising on caskets.  They’re full of unused ad space that could really help raise awareness.  The project comes from Dave Andron (NBC’s failed Knight Rider reboot) with backing from Imagine Entertainment, Blacklight Transmedia, and Forster’s production company Apparutus.

Forster is currently in post-production on Machine Gun Preacher starring Gerard Butler.  Forster is also attached to an adaptation of Max Brooks’ zombie novel World War Z and the This American Life episode “Heretics“.


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