The Saga of BIG MOMMA’S HOUSE Continues

     March 2, 2010


Variety reports that Martin Lawrence will return for a third installment of his cherished (by Martin Lawrence) and much-beloved (by people who are not me) franchise, Big Momma’s House.  For those unaware of the series, it’s a complex study of an FBI Agent Malcolm Turner (Lawrence) who must pose as a stereotypical old, obese black woman in order to solve crimes.  It works on so many levels.  It just happens that none of the levels are good.

This time around Turner and his 17-year-old nephew, Trent (played by Tropic Thunder‘s Brandon T. Jackson), go undercover at an all-girls performing arts school after Trent witnesses a murder. Posing as Big Momma and Charmaine, they must find the murderer before he finds them.  Hijinks ensue.

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