Odd City Entertainment Unveils THE SECRET OF NIMH Limited Edition Print and Letterpress Set

     January 24, 2014


One of my favorite animated movies growing up was Don Bluth’s The Secret of Nimh.  I don’t know if it has stood the test of time, but as a kid I thought it was great.  If you’re like me and grew up with the film, you might be interested to learn Odd City and artist Erica Williams have created a limited screenprint and letterpress set and they’ll be available to purchase on Monday January 27th on the Odd City Entertainment store.

Hit the jump for more info and pics of the poster and letterpress.

Here’s the info on the poster/letterpress:

  • The limited edition print is 18″ x 24″, an edition of 135, and will be printed by Burlesque of North America.
  • The letterpress pieces will be 9”x12” limited releases of 85, 65 and 55 respectively and printed by Hound Dog Press.
  • When they go on sale Monday, you’ll have the option of purchasing the print with one randomly selected letterpress for $65, or the print with all three letterpresses for $100.

Here are the pics and more info:






ODD CITY is extremely proud and excited to be working with illustrator Erica Williams on our latest release. Her work has been taking our breath away for several months now. She has made a name for herself with her distinctive approach to nature, exemplified in her extensive print portfolio. For this reason we thought she would be perfect to create a new print for The Secret of NIMH. Erica has done dozens of gig and tour posters as well as art prints straight from her imagination. But her NIMH print for Odd City will be her first foray into the film world.

And just to add a little something special, Erica has also designed THREE limited edition letterpress pieces to accompany the screen print.  Every print purchase will include either one random letterpress, or all three, depending on which package is purchased.

Erica had this to say:

“When asked if I would be interested in making a poster for The Secret of NIMH, the little girl in me started jumping up and down screaming with glee. It was an honor to get the chance to illustrate a poster for the Don Bluth classic that meant so much to me as a young child, and remains today an amazing piece of animated film to be cherished. Please enjoy!”

Release and Purchase Information:

The Odd City limited edition prints and letterpress set will be sold online at the Odd City Entertainment store.

They will go on sale at a random time on Monday January 27th, 2014.  You will have the option of purchasing the print with one randomly selected letterpress for $65, or the print with all three letterpresses included for $100.


“Erica Williams is a freelance illustrator and designer from Colorado, currently living and working in Minneapolis, MN. She is a mostly self-taught artist who suffers from an addiction to all things furry and adorable. Her work includes detailed drawings of wildlife, flora, hand lettering, and ink drawings and original prints. In between projects she chases down her kitties for cuddles, drinks a lot of tea, collects pieces of nature, and searches for new lore to inspire her work. You can view more of her illustrations online at www.ericawilliamsillustration.com

About Odd City:

Odd City is a company of art enthusiasts whose mission is to bring original art and high quality licensed screen prints to the world at large. Based out of Austin, Tx, Odd City was the dream of film and art lover Roman Morales. As Odd City continues to grow with each release we strive to work with artists, designers and illustrators from all over the world to keep producing engaging art.


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