Final ‘Shape of Water’ Trailer Teases One of the Best Films of 2017

     November 9, 2017


Fox Searchlight has unveiled the final trailer for director Guillermo del Toro‘s upcoming fairy tale The Shape of Water, but if you already plan on seeing this movie, I would strongly advise against watching it. This trailer spoils some of the film’s bigger reveals, and why the movie is more emotionally impactful than plot-driven, it’s probably best to go in as cold as possible—or at least colder than this trailer. So consider this a warning from someone who’s seen the film, you should probably steer clear of this trailer but you should definitely see this movie if you want to experience the best Guillermo del Toro film ever made.

Written by del Toro and Vanessa Taylor, the film takes place in 1962 America, against the backdrop of the Cold War, and stars Sally Hawkins as Elisa, a lonely and mute cleaning woman who works in a high-security government laboratory, where a new specimen has just arrived: a mysterious Fish Man, played by Doug Jones in full makeup. Matters are complicated when Elisa strikes up a friendly relationship with the Fish Man, only to see Michael Shannon’s terrifying security expert treat the creature like a wild animal, abuse and all.

Check out the new Shape of Water trailer below, followed by a Facebook Live session in which del Toro offered insight into the development and making of the film. The movie also stars Octavia SpencerRichard Jenkins, and Michael Stuhlbarg and opens in New York on December 1st with expansion to follow in the ensuing weeks. And click here to read Brian’s glowing review and click here to read my take on the film’s Oscar chances.

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