THE SHINING and GRAND BUDAPEST Mash up Perfectly in “The Grand Overlook Hotel”

     May 30, 2015


Who doesn’t love a good movie mashup? Everyone is capable of making them, so there’s a slew of them out there, but Birth Movies Death tracked down an especially impressive gem well worth sharing that pairs The Shining with The Grand Budapest Hotel called “Wes Anderson’s The Shining.”

This thing is absolutely seamless. Not only does the mashup’s creator, Steve Ramsden, find some spot-on dialogue crossovers, but he actually manages to make it look like an Overlook hallway leads right into a Grand Budapest room. And how about that coloring? I never realized how many visuals in The Shining had such a Wes Anderson feel to them. However, Ramsden did. Here’s what he told Live for Films:

“I noticed how Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick frame their shots in a similar way – this was the result: ‘The Grand Overlook Hotel’!”

It’s a simple, one-sentence observation, but that’s the key to quality mashups right there. Yes, there are other important creative factors when stitching different films together, but the framing here certainly does make “Wes Anderson’s The Shining” play particularly well.


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