THE SIMPSONS Joins the LEGO Lineup for 2014

     August 5, 2013


I’ve come to the point where I’m starting to assume LEGO will start making toys based on every series I loved as a kid.  First it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and now The Simpsons is on the way (I will keep hope alive for Fawlty Towers LEGO).  The already-yellow family will begin with a small launch in 2014, but could quickly expand (presumably more of Springfield) if the sets are popular.  “The target audience for The Simpsons are teenagers and adults, but there are also many children who know them,” product manager at Top Toy, Carsten Nielsen, tells [via The Brick Fan].  I wonder if that’s going to be a tricky balance trying to appeal to those teens and adults while keeping it kid-friendly.  If the sets are popular, and they expand to some Springfield landmarks, can they really do something like Moe’s Tavern?

There has been some controversy on the LEGO message boards about whether or not it’s age-appropriate for LEGO to make a set based on The Simpsons, but considering that there were recently sets based on The Lone Ranger, a movie where the villain eats someone’s heart, Matt Groening‘s creation seems quite tame by comparison.