‘The Stand’ Mini-Series Confirms Cast; Stephen King to Write Finale Script, Including New Coda

     August 1, 2019

CBS All Access has confirmed part Collider’s report on the cast of The Stand mini-series, officially announcing that James Marsden (Westworld), Amber Heard (Aquaman), Odessa Young (A Million Little Pieces), and Henry Zaga (The New Mutants) will star in the 10-episode adaptation of Stephen King‘s massive apocalypse epic. But a new piece of info centers on King himself; according to THR, the horror icon will write the tenth episode himself, which will include a new “coda” to the story not found in the source material.

This is a super interesting bit of news. The Stand is one of the most beloved books in King’s body of work, but if you ask for a critique you’re almost definitely going to hear about the ending. (Truth be told, I love the man dearly but the same goes for like 90% of his stories.) Originally published in 1978, the author’s longest novel takes place before, during, and after an earth-shattering disease kills off 99% of the planet’s population. New alliances and communities emerge in the aftermath, most notably a peaceful safe haven led by the saintly Mother Abigail and a wild, lawless city ruled by the demonic Randall Flagg.

Marsden is set to play Stu Redman, a Texas native who discovers he’s immune to the virus. Young and Zaga will play Frannie Goldsmith and Nick Andros, a pregnant woman and a deaf, mute young man who eventually join Stu in the safe zone. Heard will take on the role of Nadine Cross, a former grade-school teacher who feels compelled to join the monstrous Flagg.

Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) is co-writing the mini-series with Ben Cavell (SEAL Team), with Boone set to direct. Back when the project was announced, here’s what King had to say:

“I’m excited and so very pleased that The Stand is going to have a new life on this exciting new platform…The people involved are men and women who know exactly what they’re doing; the scripts are dynamite. The result bids to be something memorable and thrilling. I believe it will take viewers away to a world they hope will never happen.”

The Stand will debut on CBS All Access in 2020.