THE STRAIN: Take An Insider Look at Season 2 with Carlton Cuse, More

     June 4, 2015


With a little under a month left until The Strain Season 2 premieres, FX just released another teaser for the imminent sophomore season of the stylish, Guillermo del Toro-originated vampire series. This insider look at the second season offers perspectives from numerous cast members, including Corey Stoll and David Bradley, and producer-writer Carlton Cuse, who sums up the first season as setting up the titular contagion that turns people into vampire with big, horrific vampire suckers that lash out like the mini-face from Aliens; Cuse refers to all of this as the “vampire apocalypse.” The cast members go on to talk about how the narrative now concerns the Canary team of the CDC fighting the vampire virus with another virus, and we also get a gander at some dramatic sequences featuring Stoll’s Dr. Goodweather and Bradley’s vampire-slaying Abraham.


Image via FX

Of course, when we last left the show, the Goodweather family was devastated by the vampire virus’ effects on one of their members. Ruta Gedmintas, who plays a powerful actor, describes a number of tensions amongst the characters, and those familiar with the series know all too well. There’s not much news as to where The Master has gone off too but clearly the strain is continuing to spread elsewhere; “as goes New York, so will go the rest of the world” says Stoll. I’m already pumped for the bow of the slightly under-appreciated series, and there are small tidbits in this short overlook that tease some really fascinating turns in the plot that will make up the action of season 2. Get your silver out!

The Strain Season 2 will debut on July 12th at 10 p.m. on FX. Check out the insider look below: