First Trailer for Music Documentary THE SWELL SEASON

     September 19, 2011


The first trailer for the documentary The Swell Season has gone online. The film tracks the lives (and sudden fame) of Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, the Oscar-winning duo from the lovely 2006 film Once. The collaboration between the two real-life lovers/musicians became known as “The Swell Season,” shortly after their rise to prominence following the success of Once. Cameras were present to capture the ups and downs of notoriety, their struggling relationship, and their creative partnership, culminating in this documentary.

I’ll admit I’m a bit biased since I’m a fan of their music, but I think the trailer looks pretty great. The fly-on-the-wall camera work and black and white aesthetic hint at a rare level of intimacy. I’m definitely looking forward to checking out the finished film. Hit the jump to check out the trailer for yourself. The Swell Season opens in limited release next month.

Here’s the trailer (via Movieline):

Head over to the film’s official site for more information.

Here’s the official synopsis:

In 2008, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova captivated audiences and earned two Academy Awards for their musical collaboration in the film Once, which reached $10 million at the box office and grew their popularity and fan base by tens of thousands in North America and throughout the world. As their fictional romance blurred with reality, they fell in love, recorded an album, and embarked on a world tour. Fueled by two years of exhilaration, performance, and psychological turmoil, The Swell Season is much more than a music documentary. It is a volatile and intimate portrait of a romance that fractures in the face of life on the road and personal tragedy. As Glen and Marketa’s relationship unhinges, ultimately music prevails as their enduring connection.

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