TV Series Adaptations of THE TRANSPORTER and Maybe TAKEN on the Way

     December 13, 2010


Though Jason Statham has already been on three adrenaline fueled rides as The Transporter, it looks like the action franchise may be heading to the small screen very soon. EuropaCorp, the production company from director Luc Besson (The Fifth Element) apparently has a “big” broadcast partner in the U.S. lined up for the series, but they’re not saying who just yet. With a budget of $48 million, the series is aiming for 12 episodes (at least to being with) to start shooting early in 2011 in order to start airing in November. The story itself seems to fit perfectly in TV form as it follows the exploits of the titular driver who transports anything, anywhere, anytime and by any means necessary, but I doubt Statham will actually be behind the wheel.

For details on a potential TV adaptation of the Liam Neeson ass-kicker Taken, hit the jump.

Deadline also mentions that EuropaCorp, is also planning on continuing their successful trend, which started with Nikita (an adaptation of another one of their properties), by putting another one of their hit film properties on the small screen. Apparently the company is also interested in bringing Taken to television. The film followed a special forces trained father chasing after the shady characters who kidnapped his daughter and attempted to assimilate her into an underground sex trafficking operation across the world. While the story was successful enough to garner a forthcoming sequel in film form, I’m not so sure it could last for an entire season of television, let alone multiple season thereafter. However, this potential series adaptation is still very much in its infancy since EuropaCorp wouldn’t even start working on it until after Taken 2 begins filming sometime next year.